About AerNua

Introduction video to the AerNua System

Unique Features

Explore the unique features of the AerNua air filtration and purification system

Breathing Zone

Air Intake from
the 'Breathing Zone'

100% Safe

100% Safe. Concealed UV-C Lamp. No Plasma, Ionisation, Ozone or Chemicals

Large Volume

Unit sized to Process
the Stated Volume of Air

Real-Time Monitoring

Local Real-Time Monitoring and Environment Evaluation

Service Hub

Remote Centralised Monitoring, Tracking and Evaluation Service Hub

Alert Capabilities

Effective Component Monitoring
and Alert Capabilities

Managing concerns over the spread of Covid-19 and other pathogens

Managing concerns over the spread of Covid-19 and other pathogens

Filters and Sterilises

Filters and sterilises indoor air, monitors air quality in a Covid environment and manages other common pathogens.

Real Time Data

Provides real time data on air quality to inform, instruct and instigate an action to effectively manage your air quality.

Highest Standards in Clean Air Quality

Assists employers to ensure workplaces have the highest standards in clean air quality.

Creates Safer Indoor Spaces

Creates safer indoor spaces for employees, customers, students, residents and guests.

Help You to Stay Safe and Stay Open.

We offer a solution for the Future of Clean Air to help you to Stay Safe and Stay Open.

Combination of Features for Better Health


Uses proven technologies
in the product design


AerNua products can be customised with
the Clients Branding (Logo, Colours)

Made in Ireland

100% made in Ireland
Local design and assembly
3-year warranty.


Real Time notification options including
text, email, audible and visual alerts.


Intelligent filter, fan and UV-C bulb monitoring, 24/7/365 operation


No harmful OZONE, Plasma, Chemical
or Ionisation used or emitted

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