AerNua for Schools and Nursery's

Nurseries and schools possibly have an even higher requirement for clean air due to age cohort they provide for. Exposure to poor quality air can have negative impact on cognitive performance, alertness, and concentration.

AerNua enhances and protects lives through the management of air quality and the provision of clean air as a service.

AerNua appliances operate quietly in the background and meet the standards for mobile air cleaner appliances as recommended by leading authorities including the World Health Organization, CDC, EPA and local government advisory groups.

Our air filtration technology, combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, providing the ultimate solution to clean air, we hold the contaminated air for the required duration to permit the altering of the DNA and RNA of the pathogen to render the pathogen inactive, returning only clean sterilised air to the indoor space.


Technology for all demographics including those with allergies and respiratory conditions


Meets the standards as recommended by the Department of Education and Skills


Positioned to work in conjunction with your existing ventilation to provide optimum results.


Assist in maintaining a healthy and comfortable teaching and learning environment (CO2 below 1000PPM and Temperature between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius)