Centralised Monitoring Hub

Centralised Hub Features


Centralised Hub

24/7/365 simultaneous remote monitoring for numerous premises. Traffic Light Colour Coding  (Green, Amber, Red) with both visual with both text and graphical display.


Performance Management

The device has a number of sensors which monitor and manage the effectiveness of the performance of key components with both visual and graphical alert indicators for the Filters, Fans and UV-C bulbs.


Real-Time Dashboards

For clarity and ease of understanding, the dashboards visible in the Centralised Monitoring Hub are a replicate of those visible on the physical device located in the field.


AerNua Service

AerNua has a One-Team approach to how we run our business. We are dedicated to providing our Clients with a best in class service.

Experienced Team

Both John and Marie Therese are Chartered Engineers and combined have over 50 years of experience within multi-disciplinary sectors. Our Sales Team have a friendly manner, are passionate and enthusiastic about our products, and are willing to assist you with your needs.

Dedicated Client Manager

AerNua will foster and grow relationships with our Clients, offer personalised service and support in the management and monitoring service which we are offering. We will engage with Clients on features and services which appeal to their individual needs.

24/7 Support!

Fast response times with dedicated Technical Personnel on-hand to respond to your query.

AerNua Service

CO2 Monitoring and Particulates Monitoring

Monitoring CO2 provides a useful general indication that an indoor space may not be adequately ventilated. CO2 thresholds are pre-set, this permits the product to return valuable information on the Air Quality Levels in the occupied space.

  • Good (Green)
  • Fair (Amber)
  • Poor (Red)

Monitoring of the various Particulate Matter (PM) permits effective real-time monitoring of the Air Quality and generates live Air Quality Index. AerNua monitors the following PM:

  • PM10
  • PM4
  • PM2.5
  • PM1

Service Information

AerNua Series products provide email and text alerts to advise on the upcoming service date and requirements. The Centralised Hub has a dedicated Service Application with both test and graphical displays to advise on servicing needs.

CO2 Monitoring and Particulates Monitoring