Local Dashboard

Dashboard Features


Sensor Monitoring

All information is displayed in real-time and uses images, text and colour to display the information. The device is intelligent and provides real-time audio and visual alerts to advise the Manager or nominated person that an action is required, introduce fresh air, reduce occupancy of the space.


Temperature & Relative Humidity

It has been proven that SARS-Covid-2 virus growth rate is affected by Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH). The results show that Temperature and RH have a significant impact on the disease growth.


Graphical Sensor Monitoring:

Real-time graphical display locally available for all sensors being monitored. Each graph provides live data for a period of 2 hours with upper, middle and lower threshold limits clearly represented on the graph. 


CO2 Monitoring

Monitoring CO2 provides a useful general indication that an indoor space may not be adequately ventilated. CO2 thresholds are pre-set, and this permits the appliance to return valuable information on the Air Quality Levels in the space. Green (good), (Amber) fair and Red (poor).



The device has a local administration page to permit the user to complete the following actions:

  • System Shutdown

  • System Reboot

  • Update System Configuration

  • Review Service Interventions


Particulate Monitoring

Monitoring of the various Particulate Matter (PM) permits effective real-time monitoring of the Air Quality and generates live Air Quality Index. AerNua monitors the following PM:

  • PM10

  • PM4

  • PM2.5

  • PM1