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AerNua is an engineering solution. AerNua is a continuous air delivery and filtration system. Our products intake stale air directly from the Breathing Zone, passes the air through a Multi-Stage Filtration system removing particulates < 1 micrometer. Then the air enters into our unique enclosed Triple Stage UV safe sterilisation chamber which the air is exposed to the scientifically proven UV-C exposure time. We provide a solution that continuously filters and sterilises air quality in all indoor environments. AerNua is an indoor air filtration and purification system that manages viruses such as Covid-19, the flu and other common pathogens.

Yes, our technology is safe for use in all indoor occupied spaces. Our appliances were developed for all settings to inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and sporeas including SARS-CoV-2. As all the technology is housed within the device, the appliance is suitable for the young, the old, humans and animals.

No plasma, ionisation or chemicals have been used or are emitted from the AerNua appliances. The UV-C bulbs are not exposed and are contained within a safe sterilisation chamber.

AerNua appliances are 100% Irish. They have been designed in County Wicklow and are manufactured in County Laois.

AerNua appliance verification to-date has involved working in conjunction with Munster Technological University (MTU), Compliance Engineering Ireland (CEI) and Airmid Health Group. Tests include air flow/electromagnetic Compatibility, Immunity and Emissions Testing/UV-C effectiveness and irradiance levels/ desktop study to validate the findings from Boston University and Signify.

Our AerNua 100 Series appliances have been trialed in a Care Home Chain and a Pharmacy Chain in Co. Wicklow, a Secondary School in County Kilkenny, a commercial office, a Facility Management Company and a Third Level Institution in County Dublin. The AerNua 500 Series has been trialed in a Third Level Institution in County Dublin also.


The cost of maintenance is based on the recommended manufactures intervals: Filters 6 monthly intervals and UV-C bulbs annual interval
However, as our appliances are an intelligent solution that has the capability of monitoring the effectiveness of the filters, fans and UV-C lamps, therefore we can manage the preventative maintenance regime as required providing a better service.

We offer the options of purchase, service and renting our AerNua appliances. Please contact us on 0404 41941 to discuss your requirements so that we can recommend the most suitable solution and discuss payment options.
Please review our comprehensive comparison chart which compares our services, benefits and features over our competitors

Based on appliance being operational 24/7, the design life/product lifespan of AerNua’s appliance is approximately 5 years.

AerNua air cleaning products work in conjunction with your existing natural (windows) and mechanical (HVAC) ventilation systems to provide the recommended Air Changes per Hour (ACH) as defined by specialists. Fresh air will always be a requirement to dilute and disperse CO2.

Each indoor air sterilisation/mobile air cleaner appliance comes with a 3-year warranty.

The local touchscreen display is one of AerNua’s competitive advantages and unique selling points. The Traffic Light Colour Coding makes it simple and easy to use, easy to understand, is an intelligent solution providing Real time Feedback with both visual and audio alerts on:

• Occupancy Levels and
• Air Quality

It can send Text/Email Alerts to key persons and can be linked to a Building Management System (BMS). We also believe our competitive advantage lies in the Centralised Monitoring which is unique to our appiance which permits:

• Multiple Site Monitoring & Management
• Real Time site information
• Detailed performance analytics and
• Unit Health Status and Warning System
Green = Good.
Clean Indoor Air. No Action Required. Occupancy Levels Acceptable.

Amber = Fair.
Contaminated Indoor Air. Ventilation Recommended. Open a Window/Switch on a Fresh Air Supply. Review Occupancy.

Red = Poor.
Heavily Contaminated Indoor Air. Ventilation Required. Reduce Occupancy. Open a Window/Switch on a Fresh Air Supply. Consider Exiting the Indoor Space.
Service: Service model for those who want a 100% managed service
Lease: Lease model for those who do not want CapEx expenditure and want a hassle-free maintenance, management and monitoring service
Purchase: Purchase model targeted at companies willing to monitor and maintain themselves
Additional Services: Maintenance & Monitoring options…providing ‘Clean Air as a Service’ model